Friday, December 12, 2008

I am a Virgo

Even though I know my sign, that doesn't mean I'm a big believer in all of that stuff. I don't know which signs I am compatible with and would go out on a date with a Pisces or a Taurus. It doesn't matter. I do however read my horoscope. I just think its a fun thing to do and sometimes it is so totally off base it gives me a good laugh during the day. Recently I got a good one though that actually spoke to this Little Match Girl. I just thought I should share it here since it seems to fit with the theme of this blog (and maybe my life in general).

You're creative, charming and good-looking. Your advances in just about any endeavor will be warmly encouraged. That ought to give you something to think about. Don't wait. This doesn't last forever.

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Anonymous said...

That means go for the things that are important to you, even when you're the most scared!