Friday, December 5, 2008

Ring ring...

So, after one of my earlier posts I got into a fight with my youngest sister. We have since made up, I mean why fight about silly stuff like my non existing dating life? I then talked to my mom about said fight and sister. After these conversations which really made me feel great about myself, I decided to just stop being passive and do something. I gave "B" my number.
Now, once again this may seem like no big deal. But I think if you have been following, "B" was not exactly making me feel excited about the prospect of meeting. From the long wait between e-mails to the cancelled date, I was not really feeling like he was into it. That only made me feel less excited about the whole thing. But I figured, why not? If he doesn't call then at least I know I had the last word (something I love to get, I'll admit).
But surprise, "B" called! I could not believe it when I walked in the door and had a message from him. My cell phone had been on silent, so I did miss the call. I did call him back though (see, mom? aren't you proud?). We had a nice conversation and made a date for this week, so of course I will keep you posted on that.
After we got off the phone I called the sister of the mentioned fight, maybe I should call it an argument. I figured she would know how much it took for me to not only give out my number, but to call too. And I won't lie, I kind of was showing off that I did all that to the person who pushed me the most. She asked me all about the conversation and what "B" sounded like. I wish I could give details, but when I thought about it I realized that the conversation wasn't bad, it was nice, but not memorable. Here are some of the questions and answers from my sister:
Sister: Was he nice?
Me: Yeah, he seemed nice, nothing really stood out in the conversation. Oh! Except that his parents were hippies.
Sister: Did he have a deep voice? Did he sound like Dad?
Me: Not really deep, and I think it would have been weird if he did sound like Dad. But his voice wasn't girly or anything like that.
Sister: Did he make you laugh?
Me: Not really, but hopefully he will!
So that's it! Let's see if this Wed actually happens. As I pointed out to my sister last night, there is nowhere to go but up. I mean from the guy in magenta who lives with his parents to the swinging on a second date, I can't see how it could get much worse!


Accomplice said...

Do I smell a book deal? Seriously, you could write a book about this stuff. And to give it street cred, I can be your therapist friend who deconstructs each of these gentlemen for you...Vrry vrry proud of you for giving out the number, and glad that B finally used the good sense God gave a goose and called you!

Other Sister of Accomplice said...

OK, so Sex and the City meets Jewish Girl in the City book deal!! I love the idea Accomplice...from Other Sister of Accomplice! do what you have to do to get out there and find your guy. I know he is out there, and, who knows..."B" may "B" the one. As you know, I didn't immediately fall for my husband, I mean, he was nice enough and all, but I had reservations, I'll admit. But, a little tenacity and "letting go" on my part brought me to the best thing that ever happened to me. Sometimes you have to become a little vulnerable to find out what you're really made of and what you can accomplish! I'm so proud of you for getting out to that event and "gettin' social"!

#1 Sister of Accomplice said...

GEEZZZ, I wonder where the phrase.......God Gave A Goose came from?? And yes, she is right. And I firmly believe that once you get rolling with these dates they will be coming fast and furious! Just make sure you don't have too many dates that you can't make it for Christmas!!! XXOO #1 Sister of Accomplice

With Love from New Orleans said...

So excited to hear what happens!!!!!