Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Girly Girl

Hello, my name is Little Match Girl and I am a Girly Girl. It took me about thirty years to reach this point and I have to say I am none too pleased about it! I was never like this. I mean don't get me wrong I am not and never was a tomboy, but I wasn't all emotional and gooey and things like that. I guess you could say I was a bitch.
All that has changed in the last year or so. I find myself being more emotional about things that never would have effected me before. For example, I have cried at Hallmark commercials lately. Who does that?! I'll tell you who, me! This is a side of myself I never saw and never expected. When my best friend (and accomplice) got married, I was a sappy mess! So much so that all of my friends even commented on it. I find I begin crying if a book really touches me (One Day anyone? if you haven't you MUST read it). And it isn't just the whole emotional side, it's other things too. In this whole "operation" I have always just had fun and let things happen. And I am still doing that, but with M...I find myself lunging for the phone if it rings, hoping it is him. I read the text messages he sent me over again. I mean, this was NEVER my MO. Who is this girly girl I have become?


flip flops on lex said...

I suppose I have always been "girly" in this way. I am very sensitive and have been that way since I was a little girl. I hate that this now translates to embarassing moments at work and other places but I always tell myself I am human and feel things deeply. To me that is better than feeling nothing at all.

And those Hallmark commercials can be sad!

Dee Stephens said...

I'm this way with certain things too.

MCW said...

I loved One Day! I recommend it to everyone!