Monday, August 30, 2010

Open Shut Them

So, I had a few matches open from the matchmaking website (E and J to be specific). Last time I blogged about them I was making plans with both of them, so here is the update on that.

Let's start with J. He works near my office building so I called him and asked if he wanted to meet for coffee or lunch one day last week. I never got a call back, but rather an e-mail on the website. I found that a bit odd, but responded in kind and we agreed to meet on Wed afternoon for coffee. I got to the Starbucks he had decided on and he was waiting there ready to tell me there was no seating and we should move. Now it wasn't that all the tables were taken, it was that this Starbucks had virtually no seating save for a few stools at the front. I found it odd that he would have picked that place, but whatever, we moved on to another Starbucks (this is NYC after all, they are everywhere!). Once we had ordered and sat down we got to the regular get to know you chit chat and I just knew this was going nowhere fast. He asked what I did for a living and just couldn't let go of that subject. What I do for work is my job, it is not who I am and there are so many other things about me that are interesting. I began to feel like this date was more like a job, it became tedious and I finally decided to call it a day and said I had to get back to my office. Now, since you all know how much I hate my job you'll understand that this must have been bad if I was looking forward to getting back to my desk! Anyway, the match with J is now closed. He is a nice guy just not the guy for me.

My date with E was scheduled for Thursday evening. Ever since we had spoken on the phone I had an uneasy feeling about meeting him and when he suggested his date idea the feeling did not go away. He suggested we meet over at Chelsea Piers at 8:30 to just go for a walk along the Hudson. Okay, I am not an outdoors kind of gal. I love to take Poppy for walks in the morning, but for a date? I just don't know, maybe during the day in one of the parks where there is always something going on. But at night? I just felt uneasy about it. I cancelled the date and I don't know if I will reschedule. The match is still open, but I think I may shut it.

M and I saw each other again this weekend after our scheduling conflicts of last weekend. He was actually traveling all during the week and asked if we could just do something casual which I was fine with (casual was still going out to a place with food and drinks, not a walk on a pier at night). He said just to wear my most worn in jeans and pick a place because he was fine going anywhere low key. During the day he texted me while he was still at work to let me know he was going to be late and that work was just awful. When he finally got to me he was so apologetic, but I was fine with it because he had already let me know the circumstances. We walked hand in hand to a bar not too far from my place and ordered food and beer. He said it could not have been more perfect. He ate and drank and just had a great time. WE told each other about our weeks and he asked a bit about Miami. I didn't let him know it was with the possibility of moving, but I wonder if he has an idea that it might come to that. After dinner (mmm frickles) we walked a bit and got a cab home to my place. After taking Poppy for a walk we watched a bit of tv and played with the dog. I would be lying if I didn't own up to the whole kissy face part of the night. We were making out for a while when I asked if he was leaving or spending the night. He said it was up to me as he wanted to stay but didn't want to be presumptuous. I told him to stay and we went to sleep together (after lots more kissy face). In the morning I had to take Poppy for a walk with my dog walking friends (it is a weekend ritual). M stayed in bed because I asked him to and when I got back we went back to sleep. After waking up again with more making out, my friend called because she had to drop off some stuff at my place. I wasn't planning on a whole meet the friends thing, but it just sort of happened. She came and they met and after she left I promptly got a text from her letting me know M is cute! Well, he stayed a bit long, it was like we were both not wanting for him to leave, but when he did there was once again the knowing that we'll be seeing each other soon, but not making any definitive plans. I think we can safely say this match is definitely still open!


Accomplice said...

YAY! And glad we agreed to cancel the creepy date on the Chelsea Piers...
Any guy that would still want to hang out at your apt. after poppy shat all over it 2 weekends ago is a good guy in my book!!!

SSW said...

Awesome! M sounds great and seems to be a nice genuine kind of guy! Good luck and stay safe on your dating journey!

Cinderita said...

YAY! That sounds fantastic! And hello..a walk on the piers at 830? never! I'm with you. Love going for walks on dates, but near the harbour, with a latte...I'm with you. And good on you for keeping it light as he'd suggested. I am so hooked on your dating life!

Come by and visit..I think you'll find we have much in common.

MCW said...

I had a guys suggest a walk one time. WTF? How dull...and you can't wear heels when you walk! ha

Sounds like things are moving nicely alone with M. Is there any talking on the phone or anything in-between dates?

The Frisky Virgin said...

oooh! Things are sounding so promising!!!!!