Monday, August 16, 2010

What a Night!

So M and I went out again Friday night and it was such a great night! We met at my place and then headed down to Dos Caminos on Park Ave for dinner. M picked the place and I was totally fine with that, I had picked the places the last times we went out so I was happy to let him take charge of that. We took a cab downtown and just talked the whole way and continued to talk all through dinner (which was so good). After dinner we decided to walk a bit since it was such a beautiful night. We wound up walking all the way up to Rockefeller Center where we just stood by the fountain as tourists all around us took pictures. But I honestly didn't even notice them, it was like there really wasn't anyone else around (as cliche as that sounds). All we did was talk and then he kissed me and then we talked some more. Finally we decided to walk to the train and head back uptown.
When we got back to my place we immediately took Poppy for a walk. She was so happy to see M, she was wagging her tail and following him the whole time. It was actually really cute. We got back to my place and in the words of my mom, we played "Kissy Face." Yes, that's right, those are the words used by mom of Little Match Girl, and I love it! We were on the couch for a bit, but it is kind of small (really just a loveseat) so we moved onto the bed. There was just kissing and no cookie was given away! But before I knew it we were asleep (I didn't expect an overnight and neither did he) and the reason I woke up was not a good one.
Poppy got sick all over the kitchen floor. I heard her moving around and went to investigate only to find her standing in the corner looking at me and her mess with sad eyes. I felt so badly for her, I quickly cleaned everything up and M was so great about it. He just kept an eye on Poppy making sure she didn't get in my way and that she was all right. I put her down on a chair to rest and then we went back to sleep. I was expecting him to bolt after that, I mean I wouldn't blame the guy, it wasn't a pretty picture. Instead he stayed, put his arm around me and we fell asleep again. Usually when I am sleeping with someone (and I mean sleeping) there may be a little cuddle and then I turn away and it becomes, "this is my side of the bed, that's yours." Because I am a restless sleep and usually it takes me a while to fall asleep and be comfortable. That wasn't the case, we fell asleep wrapped up together (I can't think of a good way to put it) and woke up that way. I will be honest and say that has never happened!
Anyway, I am sad to say that when we woke up in the morning I saw that Poppy had gotten sick again twice in the middle of the night. Not a pleasant way to say good morning, but once again, M was so great about it, making sure Poppy was okay and just reassuring me that she would be all right. Once we were up, M had to leave as he had an early morning planned with his dad. We said goodbye after he jokingly asked me to walk him out (I live in a studio, not far to go) and once again while there was no plan made, the intention of seeing each other again was very clear.
So, I guess things are going well with M. We will just have to see. And as for Poppy, we went to the vet, he said she should be fine, I just have to monitor and give her some medicine. So, it is a waiting game all around! Good times!


Dee Stephens said...

WOW!!Awesome!! love how you said "I mean just sleep". :-)
Sounds positive.
As for Poppy..wonder if hers was jealous?

Farah Schneiderman said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! i am so happy to hear all of this!! my fingers, toes, eyes, and everything else that can possibly be crossed are... CROSSED!!! how glad i am to hear you being so super duper positive!!! gahhh... i miss you and love you sooo much!!! cannot wait to be sayin'... "lay of me, i'm starving!!!" as we steak it up at the hurricane this week!!! peace out girl scouttttt

MCW said...

M sounds like a great guy and the date sounds wonderful! Glad he choose the place...and Dos Caminos is one of my favorites!!!!

The Frisky Virgin said...

Whoop! Whoop! (yeah, I just did a whoop-whoop...sorry). THIS was more than promising. Not only did the two of you enjoy good conversation, but he stayed through the night (sans cookie) and helped not once, but twice with Poppy! This is wonderful!

And I'm so happy Poppy is going to be okay. :)

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a nice guy! Good of him to have stayed through 'the mess' (but not really a big deal for animal lovers) - it's a good sign!